• Invoice Processing

    Automation of processing of supplier invoices
    and other accounts payable documents

Invoice Processing is a solution based on our docuForce cloud platform that allows you to efficiently organize purchase to payment processes. Effective work of the financial department is impossible without properly organized processes for processing incoming documents. Our lightweight innovative solution, with elements of artificial intelligence technologies, will allow in a matter of days to raise the efficiency of existing processes to a completely new level.

Process Management

There are many shortcomings in manual or inadequately configured procurement, approval, delivery, and payment processes. Even small organizations are faced with a significant volume of incoming paper and information, long approval cycle, late payments, ineffective workflow with suppliers, poor budget control. Managing processes in manual mode leads to an increase in the number of staff serving the business. In many companies it is very common to purchase two or more programs for solving problems of processing, coordination applications and payments. Receiving and processing documents from various sources also complicates the process management. As a result, the financial block works with reduced efficiency, and financial risks appear. We offer a solution that is designed to optimize the process with minimal involvement of personnel, which will make it possible to use the resources of the financial and related departments more efficiently. If the enterprise automates every step of the purchasing process, it gets tangible value from efficiency. Invoice Processing is a solution based on a set of SaaS services (Soſtware As a Service), fully complies with security requirements, accounting regulations, processes are built in accordance with international audit requirements for the procurement process.

Invoice Processing from
InfoLogistics allows you to:

  • Shorten the duration of the purchasing process

    With the help of the solution, you can transfer the entire cycle to an automated platform in a few days. All purchase orders, supplies, payment orders will be aggregated in one place.

  • Build electronic document flow and get rid of paper as much as possible

    We optimize the handling of incoming paper through centralized scanning and processing. Electronic documents received by the company from various sources also go directly to the system, an user can work with them as with ordinary documents and sign the electronic signature.

  • Optimize functions for accounting employees

    Incoming documents are automatically recognized, matched to the agreed purchase, delivery or budget. After that, automatically or with minimal participation of the accountant, transactions are generated for the accounting system, registers of payments. Built-in recognition functions minimize manual input.

  • Manage working capital

    Managers often encounter such a situation when invoices for payment are lost, delays occur, and the company is forced to pay fines. With the help of Invoice Processing, documents will not be lost, which will allow you to use discounts for early payments or to optimize working capital in a business through late payments.

  • Control

    Invoice Processing will allow you to increase control over your budget with simple settings to track limits by line item and budget owner.

Key functionalities:

  • Processing steps

    Processing steps

    Document approval

    Document approval
  • Creation and approval of purchase orders, confirmation of delivery and payment in electronic form.

  • If the purchase is permanent, then the possibility of agreeing on a monthly purchase budget

  • Easy setup of approval routes, purchase limits by cost item and budget owner

  • Automatic comparison of incoming documents with approved purchase orders, automatic route planning in case of an inconsistent / partially agreed purchase, autodetection of the initiator

  • Creation of a single point for processing incoming paper and electronic documents received from other sources, electronic documents are signed by electronic signature directly from the system

  • Synchronization with accounting systems (uploading documents to accounting systems)

  • Ensuring the user's work in a "familiar environment": an Internet browser window

  • Support for work on mobile devices, as well as the convenient ability to "scan" and create a document using photography with a mobile phone

  • A simple model for managing settings and user rights allows you to quickly and flexibly configure the system

Diagram of automated business processes

For complete optimization of processes, the scanning and document recognition system InfoLogistics SmartScan is connected as a data source. It is a system for streaming processing, document recognition and electronic archiving. storage, for companies with a large volume of paper documents. Data sources are used to collect documents into the system and consolidate within the delivery. There may be various sources of data - scans, emails, our partners' systems, photos using a mobile application.


  • Implementation speed

    Short implementation cycle: from one week. The system does not need to be installed / implemented / maintained: everything is ready directly as the cloud service.

  • Scalability

    The modern technological platform makes it possible to connect all employees working remotely with the system.

  • Convenience

    All processes are built in the system logically and as clearly as possible. The user-friendly interface is "intuitive" for the user.

  • Cash flow and budget control

    Using the system, you can track not only the procurement process, but also manage working capital and control cash flows.

  • Unification of the procurement process

    Use of uniform standards for all departments, budget items.

  • Centralized storage of all documents

    Creation of a single information space for all divisions of the enterprise.

  • Flexibility

    The system can be customized according to the needs of a client


Consulting services

Highly qualified specialists of InfoLogistics carry out the implementation of Invoice Processing as soon as possible and within the established budget. In addition to the implementation of the system, InfoLogistics provides consulting services, expertise of existing business processes, technical support and staff training.

Best Practices

A wide range of integration capabilities

All system functionality is available via REST API

We implement hybrid solutions that combine collection, processing and storage.

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