• Electronic archive of your

    A step towards digital transformation of your business


Any company sooner or later is faced with a large information flow of various forms and types of documents. In today's dynamically changing business environment it becomes critical to have prompt access to your documents, ensure secure storage and integrity of the information.

Complete Solution

We offer a comprehensive, long-term solution that allows you to solve a wide range of problems.

  • Services

    You can connect our various services that will allow you to get rid of the organization of your own processes. Our scanning and recognition service, services for the physical storage of paper documents and their subsequent destruction. You can be sure that our services will give the highest quality and most effective result. You will always know where your documents are and will manage them without the physical handling.

  • Search

    One of the main tasks that the electronic archive solves is information retrieval. We provide very convenient tools for quick search and navigation in documents, which enables employees to very quickly find the information you need.

  • Cloud

    We use proprietary docuForce ™ cloud software in a the Software as a Service model. This means that you will not need to buy expensive software packages, hardware and employ a support team. We cover all this as part of our monthly subscription model and our technical support service will solve any issue quickly and efficiently. We are constantly improving product to comply with changing legal regulations, and you will always have access to modern tools to solve your problems.

  • Connectors

    We can integrate seamlessly with different system connectors to consolidate different document flows. We have ready-made connectors for EDM operators, various accounting systems such as 1C, SAP. This allows you to have a single archive of documents with the possibility of end-to-end search and organization of centralized processing of incoming documents.

  • Safety

    You can be confident in the safety of processes and stored data. Our processes are ISO certified along with an FSB license for the development and use of encryption tools and a FSTEC license to provide services in the field of information security. Also, the certification procedure for compliance with the law ФЗ-№152 was passed with the receipt of confirming certificates of compliance.

  • Storage

    We provide long-term storage of an unlimited volume of your documents which are backed up and stored in multiple copies to reduce potential loss or unintentional destruction. As new media is released, data is migrated. This allows you to provide long-term storage, including documents with electronic signature, ensuring the legal significance of the document in 5, 10 years and longer.

Take full advantage of our solution:

  • One point of entry - enter your electronic archive from any computer or using our mobile application.

  • All documents are at hand - you can find any document in seconds.

  • Common space for working on documents for employees - you can communicate and collaborate on one document directly in the system.

  • Documents with electronic signature, from EDM operators, or scans of paper documents - all in one place, you do not need to enter different systems.

  • Clean office without paper - you make your office paperless.

  • Built-in electronic signature in the system - ample opportunities to optimize your processes further.

Best Practices

Ample opportunities for integration

All system functionality is available via REST API

We implement hybrid solutions that combine collection, processing and storage.

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