• SmartScan

    Affordable and effective tools for scanning and recognizing your documents

To organize the processes of inline scanning and recognition of paper documents, you no longer need to purchase and install expensive software. InfoLogistics SmartScan allows you to use any hardware infrastructure to start processing documents to our InfoLogistics cloud. No special skilled employees are required, our consultants will help you set up and support your processes. Using a set of standard processing scripts based on InfoLogisitcs' vast experience in processing various types of documents, you will not need to redesign and implement complex processes.


  • Scan and OCR documents in the cloud

    There is no need to purchase, implement and maintain separate expensive software

  • Convenient desktop application

    For Windows 7 and above, standalone application that supports a wide range of scanners. A user-friendly interface allows you to quickly start scanning and verify recognized documents, even for unskilled users.

  • Flexible built-in document recognition (OCR) engine

    The toolkit allows you to set up various configurations of document recognition, attribute extraction, document categorization. A wide range of configurations are available allowing you to quickly set up recognition standard forms of documents for invoices, waybills, etc.


  • Scan station for in-line processing of large quantities of documents

    The Scan Station supports a wide range of productive document scanning equipment. Multi-user mode allows you to customize the scanning process between different users that gives unlimited possibilities in scaling processes

  • Various options for automating the processes of division into batches of documents and batch documents

    The system supports a multilevel structure of scanned documents: a package of documents, a document. For automatic division into documents and packages, various detection mechanisms are built-in: by the barcode of the document, form, keywords and templates.

  • User verification of automatic recognition results

    The system detects uncertainly recognized documents, and the user verifier can check and correct both the attributes and the correctness of the division into documents. Moreover, one user can work with a large the number of different processing batches, and many users over one. The system provides tools for multi-user efficient processing

  • Automated transmission of document processing results

    Once the documents have been processed and verified, the results can be uploaded automatically to the docuForce system or to the client's file resources. The system automatically generates PDF files and document metadata for easy subsequent export to the final systems of the customer

  • Flexible access control and administration

    Built-in access controls allow you to securely distribute the rights and accesses of various user groups, with delimitation of the scope of the processed batches of documents. This allows you to organize efficient and safe operation of a large number of users, including geographically distributed ones

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Best Practices

A wide range of integration capabilities

All system functionality is available via REST API

We implement hybrid solutions that combine collection, processing and storage.

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