• Scanning documents

    Efficient document scanning and automatic recognition is the key to quality content for your organization

Many are faced with the task of scanning a document using an office scanner or multifunction device. At first glance it seems like a simple process that can be done on your own but what if you need to scan not just one document, but thousands or millions? There are many difficult problems and tasks. What equipment and software to use, how to maintain it, how to optimize payroll costs, what to do with so many paper documents, where to store them, how not to lose them? We offer a ready-made infrastructure for solving such problems, removing all these obstacles for our clients.


  • Modern processing centers in South Africa

    The centers are equipped with all the necessary equipment for scanning, in compliance with all safety requirements. The staff of the centers are trained and have extensive experience in scanning in industrial volumes. This knowledge allows scan not only quickly and efficiently, but also gently and without damaging documents.

  • You can rest assured that your documents are safe and secure.
  • Proprietary software for scanning and recognizing documents

    We only use specialized proprietary software OnePoint ™ and SmartScan ™. This allows us, on the one hand, to do the processes as efficiently as possible, adjusting to the nuances of the process, on the other hand, it can significantly reduce costs.

  • Dedicated scanning and recognition software is the most significant cost factor in the process. We remove this barrier by using our own software.
  • Automatic recognition and classification of documents

    A set of proprietary software tools allows you to minimize manual labor. We have a standard set of templates that allows you to quickly start this process for the most common types documents. Custom configurations are available for client specific formats.

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