The system provides tools for implementing the best practices for managing logistics processes of physical archival storage, controlling the movement with integrated security and a full audit trace of document activity. When creating your own archive, you no longer need to purchase expensive archive management software, all tools are available immediately from the cloud.


  • Single WEB application for managing all
    archive functions

    One centralized point of management for all archives, accessible from anywhere in the world 24x7. It is no longer necessary to install any local software on users' workstations.

  • Managing a large number of storage units in warehouse terminals

    Units can be of any type, for example: archive boxes, document folders, documents, shipping containers.

  • Support for various warehouse operations using a separate application for a Mobile Terminals

    There is no need to purchase expensive specialized software. The system supports any Android mobile devices.


  • Accounting for all internal and external clients that need to be served as part of the archive management processes

    Possibilities of individual settings of access, acceptable services, their cost, general configuration.

  • Configuring storage facilities, their location schemes, general topography.

    Support for an unlimited number of storage facilities, the ability to quickly configure by an unskilled user.

  • Automatically generate a step-by-step task execution plan.

    The system automatically builds a task execution plan whereby the only the allocated employee can execute instructions.

  • A separate personal account for an external user.

    The ability for external users to directly interact with the archive through their personal account. A personal account allows you to quickly find the necessary objects, place an order, track online execution and communicate directly with the operations team.

  • Analytical reporting.

    Predefined reports allow you to quickly monitor the current state of processes and perform uploads for subsequent analysis or upload to accounting or ERP systems.

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Best Practices

A wide range capabilities for integration

All system functionality is available via REST API

We implement hybrid solutions that combine collection, processing and storage.

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