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The business of a large company or the transition to a remote work format - there are more and more reasons for finding a solution that allows you to turn the flow of paper correspondence into a flow of digital information and distribute it to addressees within the company quickly and accurately. You will not miss a tax or court order, and business correspondence on paper will be as easy and convenient as through email.

Incoming mail management

We offer a turnkey solution for managing incoming correspondence that allows you to convert all paper correspondence into electronic form and quickly distribute to addressees. In the conditions of a massive transition of companies to remote work, when correspondence still arrives at the office in paper form, and the recipient can get acquainted with it only after a long time, this solution has become especially relevant. If the task of digitizing correspondence has already been set, it is very difficult to implement an effective process without modern hardware and software solutions and requires the involvement of additional staff to work in the office. We provide a turnkey correspondence digitization service, including all the necessary material, technical and labour resources.

Possible implementation in 3 variants:

  • 1.

    We provide professional streaming scanners, barcode scanners, consumables, as well as software for the customer's employees (with an average flow of documents).

  • 2.

    We place a small scanning center right in the customer's office in order to free up the resources of the customer's secretariat from non-core functions (with a large flow of documents).

  • 3.

    We give access to professional software "in the cloud", everything else - labor and material resources - remains on the customer's side.

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