• Active File Management

    Active File Management (AFM)

    Free your employees and office area for your core business

Active File Management (AFM) is a complex of processes that allow you to organize and manage storage of documents in the context of a file - a unit that consolidates documents in the context of some identifier (e.g. client files, loan agreement).
The organization of these processes differs significantly from the classic archival storage:
  • Operations are often performed at the file level; additions to files, withdrawal, and control of file operations are necessary. This significantly changes the structure of physical storage, storage is carried out on specialized racks for quickaccess the file directly.
  • The unit of account is often the documents themselves, files, which requires a clear organization of processes to exclude erroneous operations.
  • Requires software that supports this level of operations and customer control of these operations.

We offer a complete turnkey solution:

  • Specialized storage areas with restricted access

  • Ready-made processes allowing you to immediately transfer your processes to us

  • Software, TSD (data collection terminals)


  • Reduce efforts by providing search and selection of documents

  • Organization of centralized storage of all files of the company and its branches, without capital expenditures. You free up expensive office space for core business operations

  • User friendly web application that manages and controls all operations of your files

  • Transparent model of process costs, payment only for completed operations

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