• Destruction of documents

    Confidential destruction of documents
    Destroy your documents confidentially and safely

During the course of an organization's business operations, a lot of paper documents are generated and received. Once the business process has been concluded, employees often throw these documents into regular trash, without considering possible consequences of leakage of potentially important information. Data protection laws require documents to be confidentially destroyed and to make this process easier, we offer a convenient and effective solution by providing secure containers for destruction.

Placement of containers for destruction

  • You order a disposable destruction container

    The container is sealed and cannot be opened.

  • Employees fill the container with documents for destruction

    Using the container is simple and convenient, documents will not end up in general waste.

  • When a container is full, we collect it for destruction

    The container is collected on request or on a scheduled basis. On collection, a new empty container is delivered at the same time to replace the full container.

  • All operations can be managed and tracked through your personal account

Documents are destroyed and a certificate is issued

  • Documents are destroyed securely

  • A photographic record of the destruction process is recorded, capturing the seal and the state of the container

  • Documents are destroyed securely and a certificate is issued


  • No cost to purchase and maintain destruction equipment

  • Compliance with the requirements of security standards for the destruction of documents

  • Convenience and ease of use

With us you can be sure of the safety and confidentiality of your records.

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