• Content recognition
    and structuring

    Effectively structuring your electronic documents

Companies are often faced with different streams of documents in different forms. It can be like paper receipts through classical transmission channels - by mail or, for example, electronic ones from various sources, for example, email, exchange systems or EDF. For a high-quality transformation into an electronic form with the purpose of subsequent loading into accounting or archiving systems and subsequent effective search, these documents must be structured and structured metadata. We offer a turnkey solution for structuring your documents - turnkey metadata recognition and classification

We offer a complete turnkey solution:

  • Best practices for recognizing and classifying documents

  • Ready scripts for recognition and classification of primary accounting documents, identity documents, credit files

  • Various scenarios for automatic exchange of documents and metadata, without manual operations


  • No need to have staff to support the processes

  • No need to purchase equipment, software, staff training

  • No fixed costs. We have transparent pricing - payment for the actual number of processed documents

  • High quality of the output array, with additional manual verification and error correction processes

Best Practices