• About Us

    InfoLogistics is a technology company combining unique expertise in automation and management of electronic  and physical documents.

We offer ready-made high-tech solutions aimed at digitalization of documentation processes giving our clients a quick results from implementation which is vital in the existing competitive and fast changing world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients in building effective processes by implementing solutions that cover ​​the life cycle of document and information management up to and including confidential destruction.

Our service integration proposition is focused around building hybrid solutions tailored to client requirements.

  • Modern Cloud Software

    InfoLogistics solutions enables your business to replace irrelevant and expensive legacy systems and processes, using our service platforms, docuForce, RM-Keeper, SmartScan and OnePoint which are uniquely designed for managing various forms of documents at all stages of the life cycle.

  • Efficient Document Handling

    InfoLogistics' expertise and resources will help you gain efficiency while saving time and money with our  ready-made solutions for processing various forms of documents.

  • Physical Document Management

    Logistics, management, archival storage and physical retrieval. Secure storage infrastructure and transport logistics without capital investment. You only use what your business needs.

Our global footprint extends our services to the markets of Europe, South Africa and Latin America.

InfoLogistics solutions are recognized by the leading companies and brands in various industries for their financial efficiency, high productivity and simplicity, security and reliability, flexibility and easy scalability, combined with broad operational capabilities.

Best Practices